Pet Portraits: How To Select The Best Customized Photos


It is very hard to come up with a customized portrait for your pets, right?  If you will decide, which of these favorite photos will be the greatest photo of them all for your dog or cat?  Which of these pictures of your best buddy that shows their real personality?

Some people can just easily choose the best photo for their pets, while some cannot.  Hence, for the artist to easily check the best photo, it is very helpful to have a great number of photos. The artist can also draw a lot of images to compile and combine together for the custom pet portraits.

The first rule when you will choose Animal Painting for the artist to work from is to keep all the old photos of your pet and never throw them away.  Just be sure that you have the on hand whole selection of pictures prepared for the artist to work on. Even those old pet drawings you made when you were a child might have a big help to use for the artist. Every photo you have applies to the rule of not throwing away any kind of picture of your pet.  There are instances that the shading of one of the pictures is not that good, but your pet’s pose is very great.  So you can select the good pose and just choose another good shading from another picture.

Neat and clear are one of the things that an artist will look for.  There are some tricks that might help you when you have a photo that is unclear and far away showing an imperfect crisp eyes. This is typical instance of two pictures being put together to create the best blend that results in the greatest possible custom portraits of your pet.

Here are some of the things that you need to know that is very useful for you.  One example is a picture of your lovely pet with someone, be it yourself or some of your friends or loved ones, and you will just delete that person and focus on the part of your pet’s lovely eyes.  Other than that, you can also use a distant photo of your pet and just zoom it in and crop it so that you can only focus on the desired part of the photo for the artist to use.

All you need is to find the best Pet Portraits of your favorite pet that you really want to use for the custom pet portrait.  One thing to remember most importantly is to send only the copies and not the original picture for the artist to create the custom pet paintings.


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